This book belongs to all of us and is put out by the Ten Sleep Aerospace Society. We do not take an impartial stance to drilling pockets and gluing holds onto the walls of the canyon. We thought that with the changes to routes in the canyon it was important to have an accurate guide in the canyon that reflects all changes. To contribute, update, critique, and/or mock, please contact the Facebook Page.

This is a continuation of the non-profit Ten Sleep Canyon guide. You can donate money in exchange for this book, proceeds go to the Access Fund. This book will always be non-profit. It will always be cheap. It will always be available as long as there are people who contribute their time and knowledge. 

A print version will be available in the future, enjoy this for now. Print out sections, save it on your phone, its yours now.

Email for questions

No print-friendly versions are available at this time, a full guide will be available 

Ten Sleep Climbing Safety