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Tensleep Canyon Aerospace Society

The Tensleep Canyon Aerospace Society has been formed to protect Tensleep canyon’s ethics and culture and to bring those ethics and culture into a new community generated guidebook that will remain not-for-profit and will support the efforts of not-for-profits and 501c3s working to preserve and protect the canyon.  This community has no dues, no sponsors, and needs no fundraising to maintain its existence, and is under no surveillance at any time.  This community is akin to the gathering of climbers around a big campfire high up on the old road.  It is not a gathering under formalized leadership or authority. 
Membership is open to any climber living in Wyoming, or any climber who has developed routes in Tensleep Canyon (who is also willing to sign on to the guiding principals).  There will be cool shoulder patches, and possibly merit badges.  Reach out with any questions!  Responses will either be lightning fast or impossibly slow but likely someplace in between with nowhere to take you complaints about speed of response. 
Guiding principals and expectations: 
The Tensleep Canyon Aerospace Society believes in protection over promotion, principles before personalities. We believe in accurate representation of climbs and history in public facing guides and storytelling.  We believe in respecting and remaining in open dialogue with the community of Ten Sleep and in leaving the place better than when we arrived.  We believe that is possible when we have genuine interactions with members of the community, support local businesses, and when we show the community that we are protectors of the Canyon by cleaning up trash and leaving as little impact as possible.  
We believe in development standards that leave the rock in as close to its natural state as possible, with cleaning and dulling only for safety.  We oppose intentional alteration of the rock by chipping, drilling pockets, or gluing for the purpose of enhancing holds (“manufacturing”).  We believe this practice eliminates challenges for future climbers and degrades climbing resources.  We believe that in cases where mass manufacturing of holds is found on routes that the bolters of those route should remove their own hardware and when possible repair the damage, returning the rock to the condition in which it was found.  This community believes in self-policing and honest conversation about canyon norms and practices.  
We believe that climbers in Tensleep Canyon, no matter where they are from or if they have developed routes, should continue to gather to discuss canyon culture and ethics without hierarchy and without formalized leadership.  And above all this Society believes in the wild spirit that birthed the climbing culture here in the first place, and the joy that brings us all together every year. 
Whenever possible members will contribute information for future editions of a community generated not-for-profIt guidebook that will have no single author.  Members will gather as often as possible, at their own discretion, and under no formalized leadership, to celebrate the sacred cathedral that is Ten Sleep Canyon, preferably with Fire and cold beverages after long days of climbing.